Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin by Semester in the West
Kevin Martin, a photo by Semester in the West on Flickr.

Kevin Martin
Wildlife consultant, Terra-Gen Wind
Mojave, CA
November 10

Kevin Martin, the man in charge of making sure the Tehachapi Pass wind project has the smallest impact possible on wildlife, believes “the people who do the best job have the most comprehensive view.” Kevin is the self-described manager of “bugs and bunnies” at Terra-Gen, by which he means he coordinates protection efforts for endangered and threatened species like the California Condor, Golden Eagle, Desert Tortoise and Bakersfield Cactus at the largest wind farm in the world. The generating capacity at the Tehachpi Pass wind farm is a whopping 1500 MW. The critically endangered California Condor’s southern flock makes its home right next door in the Tehachapi mountains so finding ways avoid collisions is critically important. Kevin keeps the emerging clean energy industry honest to its environmentally sensitive roots.

By Collin Smith

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