Sonoran Institute

Tomás Rivas, Guadalupe Fonseca, Edith Serrano, Alfredo Tolento, Aurelio Rodríguez, David Rodríguez, Bernbe Rico
Delta Team, Sonoran Institute
Sonora, Mexico (near Mexicali)
October 30 – November 2

The Westies spent the last week learning about the Colorado River Delta in Mexico with employees from the Sonoran Institute’s Delta Legacy Program. The Sonoran Institute in the Delta region is an organization focused on reconnecting the Colorado River with the Sea of Cortez, as well as conservation and restoration in the Delta. They are also working to reconnect the local community with the river. During tours of the Morelo dam and the local wastewater treatment plant the Westies learned that the Colorado river essentially ends on the US – Mexico border. Farther South, the Rio Hardy joins the remaining dribble of the Colorado; a river fed by agricultural runoff and effluent from the wastewater treatment plant. Ironically, our camp had prime waterfront property along the Rio Hardy. Our projects with the Sonoran institute included tree planting, a walking and canoeing tour of the Cienega Santa Clara, and sign assembly for an interpretive walk at the Institute’s Eco Camp. The Delta is also a stop along the Pacific flyway, resulting in fantastic bird watching during our entire stay. The Sonoran Institute was incredibly gracious with their time and energy, providing an experience (including delicious Mexican food!) that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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By Molly Hayes

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