James Griffin, Benjamin Camino, y Fernando Fausto Lomcli

James Griffin, Benjamin Camino, y Fernando Fausto Lomcli
Campo Mosqueda, Baja California, Mexico
October 30, 2012

The Westies met with James, Benjamin, and Fernando at a conference center near their camp on the shores of the Hardy River. Having just arrived in the Colorado River Delta region, the historians briefed the Westies on the full history of the Delta. The three covered the past Delta’s past, beginning with the movement into the region by the Cocopah indians and continued on to issues in the Delta up until present time. They discussed the complexity of the historical reasons for the Colorado river no longer flowing into the Gulf of California. All three men highlight the area’s agricultural practices, the impact of the U.S. dams, and the current problem of highly saline water being dumped into Mexico. This segment in the Delta marks the Westies’ last contact with the Colorado river after a month and a half of following it through the Southwest.

By Oliver Wood

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