Teague Channing

Teague Channing by Semester in the West
Teague Channing, a photo by Semester in the West on Flickr.

Teague Channing
Gemini Farms
Las Trampas, NM
October 17

The first time we met Teague Channing he was being pulled by a mule. And despite the initial feeling that when we got to Gemini Farm we had all stepped about a hundred years back in time, Teague and his partners use mules to power their farming equipment every day. “We’ve found that really old ways of doing things and really new ways work together surprisingly well,” said Teague as he showed us around his fields, explaining the nuances of working the land without diesel machinery as well as offering some insights into a modern organic farming lifestyle that still maintains its rustic roots. “Growing food is our passion,” he said in his distinctly concise voice. “We are learning how to work together again and getting back to the simple life.” And, after a day spent milking goats and harvesting Jerusalem artichokes with nothing but a few pitchforks, we found ourselves beginning to learn as well, which may have had something to do with the look of contentment that was plastered to our faces the entirety of the afternoon.

By Cathryn Klusmeier

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