Glenmore Begaye

Glenmore Begaye by Semester in the West
Glenmore Begaye, a photo by Semester in the West on Flickr.

Glenmore Begaye
Navajo Sheepherder and CEO of Cheii and Cheii Herders
Coal Canyon, Navajo Reservation
October 12-15

Glenmore grins as he points at the newly revegetated meadow. He takes pride in Coal Canyon, land that his ancestors have lived on for as far back as he knows. Glenmore is a sheep herder by trade, herding on parts of the 275,000 acres designated for him by Navajo Nation. When he learned that he had to work the land in some way or lose it, rather than increase his herd he decided to revegetate the arid fields. He now constructs small water diversions to block arroyos in order to replenish the area. Glenmore designed the house which sits as the highest point in the surrounding area, intentional in each part; from the kiva style stairs to the shape and paint color. Even the solar panels were installed to emulate the surrounding mesas. His house represents a confluence of Navajo tradition and modernity that reflects much of Glenmore’s life.

By Claire Meints

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