Roger Clark

Roger Clark by Semester in the West
Roger Clark, a photo by Semester in the West on Flickr.

Roger Clark
Program Director, Grand Canyon Trust
Kane Ranch, outside Page, AZ
October 8-14

Roger Clark is the program director for the namesake feature of the Grand Canyon Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of the Colorado Plateau. A good-humored native of Arizona, Roger could, with the correct jacket, easily pass as Dos Equis’ “The most interesting man in the world.” Clean energy and air pollution in the patchwork of public and Native American land are his specialty. We first met Roger at Navajo Bridge on the Colorado River where he introduced us to the geologic and political landscape of the area. From there we traveled to the Kane and Two Mile Ranch, an 850,000 acre allotment on the Grand Canyon’s north rim operated by the Trust for research purposes. They run a small herd of cattle to study their impacts on the desert ecosystem and develop better practices. Roger has been involved in the Trust since 1989, working on projects including transitioning the Navajo Nation from a coal dependent to a clean energy economy and blocking uranium mining in critical watersheds of the Grand Canyon.

By Collin Smith

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