Joe Pachak

Joe Pachak by Semester in the West
Joe Pachak, a photo by Semester in the West on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Joe Pachak introduced himself with the words, "My name is Joe Pachak, and I am a spiralist." Joe interprets rock art for the Westies, including the spiral seen in the foreground.

Joe Pachak
Artist and Archeologist
Bluff, UT
October 4

The Westies spent a beautiful October day with artist and rock art expert Joe Pachak outside Bluff, Utah. Hiking across slickrock and through canyons, we heard Joe’s interpretation of the petroglyphs and artifacts we encountered. Joe grew up collecting arrowheads with his father, and is now one of the foremost experts in the Bluff area on artifacts and rock art. He is a prolific artist himself, both a sculptor and an illustrator, and his artistic lens helps him spot motifs and details in the rock art. He is passionate about protecting these cultural resources. One of the highlights of our time with Joe was seeing the Moqui steps above the San Juan River. This important boundary area features ancient carved footholds, accompanied by petroglyph panels, roadside shrines, and man-made grooves dividing prehistoric roads. Joe’s deep knowledge of the Puebloan ruins and particular style of rock artists like “Wolfman” left many of us inspired.

By Claire Martini

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