Noah Koerper

Noah Koerper by Semester in the West
Noah Koerper, a photo by Semester in the West on Flickr.

Noah Koerper
Regional Field Manager, Obama for America
Snowmass Falls Ranch, Snowmass, CO
September 7

Noah Koerper, a 2004 Westie and 2007 Whitman graduate, joined us dinner at our beautiful camp at the Snowmass Falls Ranch outside of Aspen, Colorado. Noah works for the Obama campaign as the Regional Field Manager for the Mountain Slope region. Noah’s work centers on turning out the vote. He manages staff and volunteers who get people to registered to vote or get registered voters who are likely Obama supports to actually vote. Colorado is an unpredictable swing state where Obama narrowly won in 2008. Noah explained that 41 of the 43 realistic scenarios for Obama to win the presidency involve winning Colorado.

Noah also explained that Colorado is a “post-partisan state” where you cannot assume anyone’s political beliefs based his or her appearance or occupation. For example, ranchers on the western slope will vote for democrats if it helps protect their water rights against growth in the Denver-Colorado Springs area.

By Allison Bolgiano


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