Randy Udall

Randy Udall by Semester in the West
Randy Udall, a photo by Semester in the West on Flickr.

Randy Udall
Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE)
Snowmass Falls Ranch, Colorado
September 6

Today the Westies met with Randy Udall at the Snowmass Falls Ranch outside of Aspen, Colorado. Randy shared with us his passion for finding alternatives to fossil fuels through a number of interactive activities. The Westies began by striving to boil one quart of water by constructing their own fire using nothing but a bow drill and scavenged twigs. Next, we calculated that one tablespoon of diesel fuel would power Randy’s car for 0.2 miles. With eleven people crammed into Randy’s rather petite sedan, we drove 0.2 miles, burned 1 tablespoon of fuel, and produced over one horsepower of energy pushing and pulling the car back to the starting point. We ended the day by hiking 800 vertical feet uphill to collectively experience how much human activity is required to produce one kilowatt hour worth of work. The Westies ended the day with a new understanding of just how much energy we consume on a daily basis.

By Molly Hayes and Claire Martini

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4 responses to “Randy Udall”

  1. Wim Lammens says :

    Wonderfull teaching from a wonderfull person, the world needs one million Randy Urdalls. I only last week discovered some of his talks on the internet.
    I was so impressed on his personality and speaking. I am very sadened by this loss of a wonderfull human being. Instead of mentioning his father and brother. Untill status and power remain the real features of admiration, degradation of the planet and all it’s lifeforms will be under stress. We need 7 billion Randy’s to heal and save our future and all it’s wonderfull species.

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