The Goebel Family & Bob Jackson

IMG_1015.jpg by Semester in the West
IMG_1015.jpg, a photo by Semester in the West on Flickr.

The Goebel Family & Bob Jackson
The Goebel-Jackson Tree Farm
Joseph, Oregon
September 2, 2012

We met with the Goebel Family and Bob Jackson on their 160-acre tree farm in Joseph, Oregon. Waiting to meet us were Marilyn Goebel and two of her children, Patti and Sally, along with Bob Jackson, who co-founded the farm in 1969 with the late Leo Goebel. Their vision of a tree farm is somewhat unique: They manage for timber in the context of a healthy ecosystem, one that considers wildlife, soil quality, and biodiversity. They demonstrate how to pair an economically productive landscape with conserved habitat, thereby providing an example of an alternative to a landscape dominated by two extremes, heavy use and safeguarded preserves. The Goebel-Jackson Farm integrates a variety of sustainable measures, including multi-age stands, diverse tree species, selective cutting, and wildlife structures. Marilyn Goebel quoted Gifford Pinchot as her guide: “The greatest good for the greatest number of people over the long run.”

By Marjike Wijnen & Molly Esteve

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